Swaddle Me

The only way we could get our crying baby to sleep was if Andy swaddled him.  It didn’t matter what time of the day it was.  If he napped in his swing, he was swaddled.  If he napped in his pack-n-play, he was swaddled.  If we could have, we would have swaddled him in his car seat.  This boy loved being swaddled.

Oster’s infatuation with the blanket was ceased when his legs grew to be too big for it: at 6 months.  Too old to be swaddled, you might think?  Not for this kid! He liked it so much that he actually laughed when he was being wrapped up.

You can imagine how difficult it was to get him to sleep after being swaddled for so long.  He no longer slept through the night.  It was rough.  Sometimes he would wake up three times during the night.  At 7 months, the lack of sleep was excruciating; I was beginning to find full bottles of milk in the cupboards and empty bottles in the refrigerator.

After talking with our pediatrician, we agreed to let Oster work it out.  Which he did after about 10 minutes.  No sleeping problems since.

5 thoughts on “Swaddle Me

  1. We still swaddle Ella, well actually she still sleeps in a woombie (the best baby wrappy thing ever invented in my opinion!!) and she still sleeps in the rock n play sleeper. She’s 8 months old…i know I need to work on that crib transition soon… *sigh*. So by ‘work it out’ you mean you left him in the crib unswaddled and he cried and fussed a little and fell alseep in only 10 minutes?! That’s pretty great! The one night I tried to put Ella in the crib she was SO unhappy, I gave up and right back into the woombie and rock n play she went!

    • Yep, we left him not to fuss a little…he fussed a lot. But it was quick. We now get 9 – 12 hours at night and he has so much energy in the AM. Don’t worry, Ella will work it out too.

      • Ella sleeps about 10 hours a night too. I’m scared once we take away the woombie she will sleep less. Hopefully she will be just like Oster! 🙂

  2. Funny how babies can be so different. Our little girl couldn’t stand being swaddled. The only thing she would tolerate was a wearable blanket.
    Glad things worked out eventually and he is such a good sleeper now. That’s something I can only dream of.

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