He’s allergic to what?

It’s official.  We finally got the results in for Oster’s blood draw.  He is allergic to milk.  The doctor said that he MAY outgrow it after a year but in the meantime stay clear of anything with milk in it.

Like most parents, we speculated his allergy after he had two separate reactions.  One at 7 months and the other at the beginning of February.  The first one scared the pants off of us.  We mixed some milk-based formula with his cereal and immediately on contact his face became red and tiny white welts appeared.  The formula had everything in it from soy to [enter ingredient here]; the reaction could have been from anything.  The second time he had a baby treat with processed cheese and his lip swelled up and blistered.  He really looked like he was in a bar fight.  Poor Oster.

Our pediatrician ordered the blood draw and lo and behold that is the only thing they found Oster allergic to: Milk.  It looks like I’ll be spending some time finding recipes for milk-free treats for his 1st birthday.  I should have enough time to nail the recipes by then!

4 thoughts on “He’s allergic to what?

  1. I don’t eat/drink dairy, so take it from me – it’s SO easy to bake without dairy! Use almond milk, coconut milk (which doesn’t taste like coconuts), or soy milk instead of cow’s milk and then use Earth Balance instead of butter or margarine (it’s healthy and it tastes super-buttery). No one will know the difference! : )

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