Love Your Library

I’m on a quest to visit all of the surrounding libraries to see which one has the coolest, most up-to-date, user-friendly children’s section.  Since I began this journey a week and a half ago, I’ve taken Oster to 5 different libraries.  I’m watching him navigate toward the play areas and pick up board books and whatever else is lying around.

He is having fun playing with the other kids in the libraries (which is helping him to learn how to share) and his senses are stimulated with the different activities these libraries have to offer.  Last week a couple of 5 year olds put on a puppet show for Oster.  There are puzzles and every book imaginable at his fingertips.

Oster has been going to our local library since he turned 6 months.  I signed him up for a lapsit storytime and he attends every week for a half hour.  Within this time, the librarian reads two books and sings with puppets.  The last 10 minutes is reserved for play time and socializing.

Our library also has many language resources (DVD’s, flashcards, CDs) for infants and building blocks.  There are two train sets for him to share with other children and a “theater” area for him to sit and read in.  They offer Spanish storytime and other scheduled activities.

The library is a place to have fun while learning, grab some books, and talk with other parents and children.  Best of all, it’s FREE!

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