Weekly Wednesday Book Review: 3/14

This week’s review is for Oster’s favorite book, Freight Train. Written and illustrated by Donald Crews, this book introduces your little one to bright bold colors.  At the beginning of the book, you learn about the different cars on a freight train and then you get to follow the train on its journey until it is no longer in sight. It’s simple, educational, and entertaining (once you add your “choo-choo” sound effects).  This book has also been awarded a Caldecott Honor in 1979.

We first purchased this book in paperback while I was pregnant. After Oster demolished the pages (at 3 months) we found it in board book format.  Hooray!

After he got to know the book pretty well, Oster would literally scream at the pages because he loved the book so much! He still enjoys thumbing through the book.  My husband and I have memorized the words (not too difficult) and when Oster is getting into something he shouldn’t be, we recite the book and he stops dead in his tracks to listen.

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