Weekly Wednesday Book Review: Rocket Town

This week’s review is for Rocket Town, written and illustrated by Bob Logan.   This colorful board book takes your child inside a town that uses rockets as a mode of transportation.

You follow a man and his dog through the town admiring the different types of rockets (baby carriage, train, ice cream truck, etc.). Opposites are introduced too (big/small, up/down, fast/slow). Near the end of the book, they stop at a rocket dealership looking for the perfect one to purchase.

The man buys the rocket that looks exactly like the truck they drove in.  You are then transported into space after the text has you count down from 10 and say, “blast off”.  The book ends with the man and his dog enjoying the ride in space.

The nostalgic artwork grabs the reader’s attention and is very detailed.  It’s a quick read but you could spend a great deal of time talking about all of the pictures on the pages.

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