Print Awareness

One type of early literacy skill you can help your infant develop is print awareness.  In a nutshell, your child has mastered this skill when he/she notices that print is everywhere: in books, periodicals, banners, signs, packaging, etc.  It also includes knowing how to handle a book and being aware that the print has meaning.

A helpful literacy website, Reading Rockets, lists guidelines for implementation that were written by The Texas Education Agency. These guidelines were developed to help parents and teachers infuse print awareness in the lives of children.

As I am always looking for new ideas, I would love to hear what you are doing to promote Print Awareness in your child’s life.

2 thoughts on “Print Awareness

  1. Read, read, read! It’s my absolute favorite way to promote print awareness in my two year old. We’ve yet to go a day without reading. We also got magnetic alphabet letters that we put on the fridge, and that has really helped him learn his alphabet, so much so that he knows all of them, upper and lower case because the magnets came in both sets. We also trace our finger under words when we read, so that he knows that letters and simply representations of sound. I wrote about encouraging early literacy in a blog post here:

    • Your post on your blog is fantastic! “Labeling items and fixtures around the house” is such a great idea. I’ll peruse my home and figure out which room I will start in. My son is only 10 months, but I’d still like for him to see the word for the tangible object he uses each day.

      I also like the block crayons you showcased. So many good strategies! Glad to hear they are successful and thank you for sharing them.

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