I am Laundry Illiterate!

Okay, so I think I keep up with our laundry all week.  Yet every Sunday, I am in shock at all of the laundry that is in our hampers.  Where did all of the dirty clothes come from?  I’m sure I’ve been in the basement doing loads on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!

Taking some time to reflect, I guess I’m only keeping up with Oster’s laundry.  His washcloths, bibs (he uses 10 + a day because of drooling), pants, onesies, socks, pjs, etc.   I’m not putting an emphasis on my husband’s and my laundry.  This makes sense because by Thursday, I’m like “Where are the dish rags” and “I thought I washed my black shorts already”.

When my husband helps me with the laundry on Sundays, I always tell him that we should probably only have two or three loads because I’ve been doing it all week.  Well, I’m always wrong.  I clearly do not have the skills to determine the time it takes to do our Sunday laundry.  And I’m fine with that.  Probably  because he does the majority of it.  Thank you, Andy.

5 thoughts on “I am Laundry Illiterate!

    • I’m seriously thinking about doing that! What’s been holding me back is the detergent. I’ll have to research the best dye-free ones. There are so many out there to purchase. When you find the laundry fairy, please send her my way too.

  1. Oi, I remember when my little guy still needed bibs and rags for drooling. The boy was a master drooler to the point where we just kept a bib on him at all times, and we had to buy a ton of spit rags. I still think your Oster has mine beat; I don’t remember doing laundry five days a week but that could just be because we bought a boat load of bibs and rags lol.

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