I found this post to be both interesting and informational. I had to pass it along!

a carton of milk

My name is Stan Halpern, and I am the co-owner of HEALTHY CLEAN BUILDINGS . I want to thank all of our carton of milk fans for requesting a 2nd article on building homes with a healthy indoor environment for your children. It is a most important , yet generally ignored , topic … and , we will keep on writing these articles as long as you keep on requesting them .

F.Y.I. … Children are NOT little adults ! Infants , toddlers , and young children are at greater risk regarding any chemical exposure than their parents and older siblings within the same indoor environments due to their rapidly developing physiology ; under-developed immune , nervous,  reproductive, and respiratory systems ; and their natural patterns of  behavior. Children live in their environments in ways adults do not ; they play on floors, sprawl on desk and table surfaces…

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