Weekly Wednesday Book Review: Hello, World!

This Disney board book says, “Hello,” in 14 different languages. It is based upon the Disney characters from “It’s a Small World”.

Each page is dedicated to a different country with its respective word for hello. Underneath the text, the word is phonetically spelled out for you so that you can pronounce it correctly.

Oster loves the whimsical artwork. The colors are bright and the people and objects are simple and sweet.


This book has a corresponding App, “It’s a Small World”. We downloaded it for $3.99 and it was well worth the change.  The App allows your little one to interact with the people and animals in the different countries. It’s really quite remarkable. One of the last stages of the App shows all of the characters from Hello, World! in a tree; you touch the people and they say, “hello,” in their native tongue.  When we get to this part, I have his book near so that I can show Oster the page that each of the people in the tree is on.

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