How to Swaddle an Oster

As I sifted through some photos and videos of Oster, I came across this one video of him being swaddled. In one of my first posts I talk about how this boy LOVED HIS SWADDLE! He loved it so much that he was really amused while my husband wrapped him.

In this video, Oster is 5 months old. Every night (until the blanket became too small for him), he was wrapped and ready for sleeping.

13 thoughts on “How to Swaddle an Oster

  1. How cute! I am amazed that you could swaddle him for so long. Livi hated being swaddled.
    How did he adjust to sleeping without being swaddled? Was that a difficult change for him?

    • It was an extremely difficult change for him. He basically went back to waking up every 2 hours again. That lasted for a MONTH and A HALF. Our pediatrician recommended that we let him cry it out (he recommended this after a couple of weeks of this happening but I couldn’t bear to do it). The first night we did it (10 minutes) it was so hard for me. I cleaned our office as it was happening to keep myself busy. After 10 minutes, he went straight to sleep. He has been sleeping through the night ever since. Now, he even pushes off of us toward his crib. He can’t wait to go in it when it’s bedtime.

  2. Nice. Little burrito! Yeah how was his transition? We started half swaddling benji at 4 months after his eczema settled down (we double wrapped him before to stop him from scratching!).
    He had some difficulties initiAlly but now loves half soon we will try no swaddles any tips

    • His transition was way too long (a month and a half). He did not like being unswaddled. He went back to his baby sleeping patterns (up every two hours). We attended to him too, which (according to the pediatrician) wasn’t a good idea. He suggested we let him cry it out early on. It was hard for me to agree to it but after over a month of no sleep, I finally caved in and we let him cry one night. He cried for 10 minutes and then passed out. We checked on him soon afterwards and he was sleeping “like a baby” 🙂
      He now loves his night time routine. And after he drinks his milk (that we are now trying to eliminate from his routine), he is ready for bed. When we put him in his crib he immediately lays flat on his belly, puts his arms to his sides, and closes his eyes. I’m not sure what will happen when we eliminate his night time feeding but we’ll be finding out soon enough.

  3. Our older son loved being swaddled and we swaddled him to about 5 months when he would just escape from in like Houdini; by then he was ready to be done. Prior to this he would hit himself in the head and wake himself up (seriously). The younger guy couldn’t be bothered with the swaddle.

    • It’s really quite amazing what wrapping your baby does for some infants. Funny how your younger one doesn’t like the swaddle; hopefully he refrains from hitting himself in his sleep 🙂

      • He’s always been a sleep sack kid. 20 months now and a pretty good sleeper, although we have yet to adios the pacifier. Not sure if I should admit that as a child sleep professional. . .

  4. We also swaddled our daughter until she’s 5 months. She’s a good sleeper and looked so cute wrapped in a swaddler. We used to call her ‘our little burrito’.

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