Weekly Wednesday Book Review: The Juggling Pug

This rhyming book takes you on a pug’s journey to stardom.  He’s a juggling pug who began to juggle only for hugs. Once he becomes a celebrity, he turns into a nuisance around the community. He begins to juggle everything: people’s food in the restaurant, people’s umbrellas while it’s raining and a little girl’s doll house furniture while she’s playing.  Because he’s unique and has made his town famous nobody reproaches him for his behavior, until the little girl gets fed up with the pug, calls a town meeting, and requests the pug to leave the town.  The pug breaks down and apologizes for his behavior and promises not to be so smug.

The text is a perfect rhyme, using “pug” as the main rhyming word.  The story is fun and the ending is quite comical; it describes a pug to a T.  The artwork is adorable and colorful. You really want to stretch your arms out and hug this pug!  This is a book that all members of the family will enjoy reading.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Wednesday Book Review: The Juggling Pug

  1. the pug promises not to be a smug. heehee! ps i just realized your son has your eyes (at least in the photos they look soo alike!)

    • It’s funny, when he was born he looked exactly like his dad. Somewhere between one and three months old, his eyes started to look like mine. Silly humans…always changing 🙂

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