Weekly Wednesday Book Review: Favorite Words

This 2×2 chunky board book is the perfect size for little fingers.  The pages are almost a quarter of an inch thick making it easy for infants to turn.  The book highlights Eric Carle’s famous caterpillar’s favorite words in a colorful way.

On the left page is the word written in white against whatever color the object on the opposite page is.  For example, on one set of pages the right side shows a Carle-illustrated pear and the left side is the actual text with a shade of green as the background.  There are 10 different words and 8 different colors (red and green are used twice but as different hues).

There is no storyline in this book, only pictures and associated words. Due to the nature of this, I recommend this book for babies and toddlers up to 2 years old; it is a good tool for vocabulary building and word/picture association.

It’s a very simple book that will get many uses. It’s perfect for tummy time, riding in the car, in the stroller, or by the changing table.  Really, you can take this anywhere.


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