My Foodie ABC: A Little Gourmet’s Guide – Book Review

Attention all Foodies:

This gourmet board book not only helps teach your little ones the ABCs but also introduces them to some fun foods.

Puck, the author, doesn’t use the typical “A is for apple” approach. With the trendy illustrations (by Violet Lemay) he writes as if your toddler has the gastronomical gene inherited by both mom and dad.

Both upper and lowercases are displayed for each of the 26 letters. All foods (like alfajores, habanero, quinoa, and udon) are shown with the correct pronunciation and description of each food.

After reading this, you’ll feel as if you’ve just been on a culinary tour around the world.

7 thoughts on “My Foodie ABC: A Little Gourmet’s Guide – Book Review

  1. This book is one of my favorite gifts for toddler birthdays, especially when accompanied by a food-related toy! I also love the board book series by Amy Wilson Sanger (“Yum Yum Dim Sum,” “Hola Jalapeno,” and more). I want my kids to grow up understanding (and appreciating) that different people in different places do things differently than us, and fun, engaging books about food make a great start.

    • I haven’t seen Sanger’s series yet. It sounds fantastic! I’ll be looking it up today. Thanks for the reading suggestion. I, too, am always looking for ways to engage my little guy in learning new things. So glad you posted. Thanks.

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