Oh Nose!

We, as parents, know that ear infections are quite common in babies and toddlers. I feel very fortunate that Oster has had only 2 ear infections since birth. Oster’s pediatrician explained to us that it is so common in these young ones due to fluids not having anywhere to go. Instead of draining out, children’s short horizontal tubes keep the fluid stagnant making it easy for bacteria to hang around in the ear.

Until Oster can learn how to blow his nose, we have taken the liberty to go in and get his snot on our own (with a little help from the NoseFrida).

8 thoughts on “Oh Nose!

  1. I’ve seen those around but also can’t bear to do it. And my husband doesnt even go near any snot. So the bulb it is for us. But Oster is too cute. 🙂

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