Take me out…

If you were to ask me what my favorite baseball team is I would tell you, “The San Francisco Giants”.  They are really the whole package: great pitching, good teamwork, they play to win, they have a beautiful ballpark, and they are in a great city. Not to mention, they have sweet uniforms and the garlic fries they serve at AT& T Park are delish!

Because I am a Chicagoan and a lover of baseball, I’ve always told people that I love the Giants, but I am also a Chicago fan.  There was a time when I truly believed in both the Cubs and the Sox. I cheered for them both (knowing full well that the Cubs would never have a good season in my lifetime).

It was last season when I finally gave up on those lovable losers. Why? Well, for one: they aren’t a cohesive team; second: it’s exhausting sticking up for them in any discussion; third: the ballpark isn’t really kid friendly.  Sure, people take their kids to the historic Wrigley Field. But it just doesn’t have quite the same “vibe” as other kid-friendly ballparks.

US Cellular Field (I still call it Comiskey) is entirely kid-friendly. The park is designed so it’s easy to walk around, there are several activities for children to participate in (Kids Day, Dog Day, autograph signing, run the bases, speed pitch machines, and a rain room), it offers kid camps and you can even enroll your child in its kids’ club.

Dog Day: You get to bring your dog to the ball park! Some of the players even participate.

My husband surprised us Sunday morning with tickets for the afternoon game. I haven’t been to a ball game since I was pregnant. So this was such a great treat for me. And, even so for it to be Oster’s first ball game!

Although we only sat for one inning we stayed for four! We had such a blast walking around and introducing him to the ambience: the crowd, the laughter, the sounds of the bat hitting the ball, and the music.

Mr. Serious watching the ball game.

He received his first certificate (Guest Relations hands them out for free with your child’s name on it). It reads, “Congratulations for attending your first game at US Cellular Field”. Now that’s definitely going in his scrapbook, along with the following photo:

12 thoughts on “Take me out…

  1. Awww…i enjoyed reading this even though I don’t get baseball lol…i bet Oster had a great time…sounds like such a fun experience for him and the family. Good stuff

    • So fun. Thank you! He was wiped out when we got home; he slept for 2 1/2 hours. We had to wake him up for dinner. He ate, played a little, took a bath and crashed again for the night.

  2. That is so cool you took Oster to a baseball game! I’m sure he loved it. I have yet to take my little guy to a professional baseball game for fear that he wouldn’t last that long! He loves watching the little league games we’ve been to though, and my mom, ever the baseball fan that she is, is intent on taking him out to the ballgame. Maybe we can pull it off!

    • You definitely can pull it off. We went anticipating we would only be able to stay for a couple of innings. It was great that we were able to stay a little longer.

      Even when we sat down to watch the game, we were so focused on this being his first game – we were paying attention to his reactions not following the game at all.

      We plan on taking him to the minor league and triple A games this summer. I never thought of bringing him to a little league game. What a great idea!

      I’m looking forward to bringing him to SF (when he gets a little older) to catch a game too.

  3. What a great adventure! I cannot wait to take Livi to a game.
    I am impressed how kid friendly that park is and I would never have thought of finding out. Thanks for sharing. And that picture is definitely a keeper.

    • Thanks. I know…I never paid much attention at ball parks in regards to if it’s kid-friendly or not. I never needed to. Now, kid-friendly establishments are the only thing on my radar.

    • Oh, I can’t wait to go to cirque! Oster is going to have a blast 🙂
      Yes, the ball games are super fun. I do plan on doing the “ballpark tour” around the country when he gets to be much older.

  4. hmm…I don’t trust people who claim to be fans of both the Cubs and Sox, lol. Also, really? You like the Giants’ uniforms? I think they’re ugly. But A- This list disagrees with me: http://umpbump.com/press/2008/04/20/nine-best-baseball-uniforms/ And B- I have been known to place undue importance on uniform attractiveness, so I feel you there, lol.
    Also, even though my daughter’s middle name is Cubs-inspired, she’s never been to Wrigley (outside of my belly) because you’re right, not so kid-friendly.
    All in all, I can’t blame you for ditching the Cubbies. I’m barely hanging on myself.

    • It is so hard to keep hanging on! Kudos to you for sticking with the Cubbies. I finally freed myself and it feels pretty darn good.

      Loved the link to the best baseball uniforms. Looks like the Sox AND the Cubs made it to the top ten. I do like the Cubs’s home jerseys. Thanks for your post. Quite amusing 😉

    • I, too, love the baseball atmosphere. I’m still working on learning football.

      Thanks so much for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Such an honor.

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