As we were putting Oster to bed I recited one of his favorite books to him while my husband put Oster’s pajamas on. It’s kind of a ritual we do…I occupy Oster and my husband does the overnight diaper, gets him dressed, and puts him to bed.

My Audience

I try to “mix up” the book selection every now and then. However, for a couple of nights now I have been attached to Tumble Bumble. I have memorized this book (without my knowledge) and recited it to him so many times that tonight I put a little drama into my production.

I think I found my next monologue for that audition* I’ve been wanting to go on!

*There’s really no audition. I have no acting talent whatsoever. I think I literally scared Andy tonight.

11 thoughts on “Monologue

  1. ha ha ha i know what you are saying…funny we just returned tumble bumble yesterday :). I know their children’s bible and prayer book by heart now considering we have to read the entire thing every night lol…and now bath time calls :). Great post, love it

  2. Oh man I have memorized so many darn books because of repetition I feel like I’m like a walking library. And it’s so funny because you and I have the same routine with our hubbies, except ours is switched: my husband does the reading aka occupying and I do the diaper and pajamas.

    • It is quite amazing how much our brains soak in when we’ve felt we’ve lost it. I’m still researching and inter-library-loaning some of those books you recommended on your top 50! That was such a great list!

  3. I can totally relate! Miles loves my rendition of The Three Little Pigs. Every time I read in the voice of the big bad wolf, he cracks up. One day he’ll realize that I have absolutely no skill in voices, but for now, I will relish being the Oscar Award Winning Mama.

  4. Here my husband does the reading. My girl’s fav is Timon & Pumba. She just wants to hear him read out the sound words. She is never fed up listening to that.

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