Yum Yum Dim Sum– Book Review

Author Amy Wilson Sanger creatively introduces your little one to the delicious Chinese custom of dim sum.

The rolling cart is introduced immediately and offers many authentic dishes, from dau fu to spring rolls. If you are unsure of what some of the culinary delights are there is a glossary at the back of the board book (it is educational and fun for the adults too)!

Sanger uses rhyming text that is catchy and amusing. Her illustrations are unique – using textiles, paper and crafts to tell her story.

As dim sum means “a bit of heart”, this book does a wonderful job showing the different foods that touch the heart of the foodie partaking in this Chinese cuisine.

10 thoughts on “Yum Yum Dim Sum– Book Review

    • Thanks, hmMom! I did a lot of book searching before Oster was born. Mostly on Amazon and spending hours at the book store.

      Some friends and bloggers recommend them too. I got a few of the ones I’ve already posted about from our baby shower (teachers like books 🙂 )

      I love the classics but I’m always looking for a “fresh” book to read with Oster.

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