It’s because of the heat!

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My mom lives on the south side of Chicago with a one air-conditioning unit to cool her house. So, I asked her if she would want to stay with us knowing that the temperatures will be (and are currently) in the 100’s.  She gleefully accepted and has been here since Tuesday.

I forgot what it was like to live with  someone addicted to extreme weather conditions. My mom is in love with Tom Skilling, our local weather forecaster, and watches his forecasts religiously. During the winter months, she even goes so far as to telephone me and repeat his forecasts word-for-word.

Well, Chicago’s heat is breaking all kinds of records. This is fantastic news for my mom. Yesterday was the hottest day, with temperatures reaching 103 F and heat index of 112. She loves talking about the extremities and is now continuing to blame everything on the heat.

Act I

Me: Oster isn’t eating as much as he usually does for breakfast.

Mom: It’s because of the heat.

Me: But it’s cool in the house.

Mom: It doesn’t matter. It’s hot outside.

Act II

Me: I think I put too much salt in the egg salad.

Mom: It’s because it’s hot out.

Me: What?!?

Mom: Yeah, your body loses salt in the heat so you should eat more of it to make up for it.

Me: Ummm…what? That doesn’t make any sense.

Mom: Yeah, well…whatever.

There is never a dull moment when my mother is around. She knows her weather obsession is over-the-top and allows us to laugh with her about it (although she’s 100% serious).  She has mentioned the heat at least 25 times since she’s been here. She even changes the subject of whatever we are talking about just to talk about the weather.

With most sincere love, I seriously think my mother would be a great Saturday Night Live character.

29 thoughts on “It’s because of the heat!

  1. Haha, that’s too funny. Gotta love our moms and their obsessions and quirks. Mine could talk about her garden and plants all day long and by extension about the weather since it matters to her gardening. 🙂

  2. We had to put the heat on here it’s so cold and miserable, there is even some flooding in part of Ireland, brrrh we’re forgetting what a summer looks like! Your mother sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. I think I may have a bit of your mom’s tendencies. One of the first things I do every morning or night is check the weather on my iPhone to see what to dress myself and the little guy in. I’ll even go through the hour-by-hour play and see when in the day the heat peaks to see what we can be doing when it’s hot when I’m home with him. I don’t know why it’s so fascinating. Maybe my kiddo will write a blog about me when he’s an adult too haha!

    • lol. Checking the weather to see how to dress is very smart! I check the forecast by going outside when I start the car to see how the weather is and then guess as to how it’s going to be. Seriously, I should just by a Farmer’s Almanac or call my mom every morning.

  4. haha. your mom sounds like a riot. My Mom is obsessed with the weather-man back home on the local channel. She refers to him as if she knows him, a normal conversation when I call her on my way to work in the morning….”Hi Mom, how’s your morning. Got dressed yet? Bed made?'” “Nope. Still in my bathrobe watching the news. Gary says it’s gonna rain today so I’m deciding what to wear.” 🙂

  5. Sweat is salty because its being lost through the largest organ in the body: your skin.
    Your mother is right low salt levels are very dangerous. Even death can result. We are all told to drink, drink, drink water but the water needs to have enough electrolytes to replace those lost during sweating. Gator Aid cut with one half water is a good solution.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and liking post. I look forward to reading more of yours and hopefully more about your awesome Mother!

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