I want to wrap my arms around France and give it a big hug!

Today France is celebrating Bastille Day (it is 14 July there now).  Lately, there has been a longing in my heart to return to the beautiful country.

I consider myself a Francophile who speaks broken French (but hoping my son will be fluent one day). I have been fortunate to have visited Arles, AixenProvence and Paris on separate occasions. On our last trip (before Oster), my husband tried to get me out of the capital to visit amazing sights such as Normandy, Saint-Julien-Du-Sault, Avignon, Dordogne…seriously the list goes on.  Anyway, I couldn’t step onto a train to leave Paris. I asked him to go on ahead and keep me behind but being the awesome husband that he is he stayed with me. I just couldn’t leave the city.

I would like to share some photos with you of a beautiful country that I will get back to again (when Oster is a little older and I’m back at work 🙂 )! I’ll even stray away from the city so we can enjoy what the rest of the country has to offer.

Happy Bastille Day!

22 thoughts on “I want to wrap my arms around France and give it a big hug!

  1. Oh cettes photos sont tres jolies…J’aime paris auusi, c’est un pays magnifique. Nous etions la l’ete dernier…i was hoping we could go back this year but Europe is not in the works this summer, but who knows :). I follow a blogger here, who helps me to brush up on my french :).

    • Merci, mon ami! Je suis souriante de savoir tu étais là l’été dernier. Penser sur la France me rend très heureux.

      You are too funny…my French is so broken. One kind waiter corrected me while ordering and then he changed to English so we could finish our conversation. These experiences have only pushed me to keep learning, for I love this language.

      • Really, that wasn’t nice of the waiter…but you know the french can be such snobs sometimes.
        It is a beautiful language, and i was happy i had the chance to finally see Paris.
        I really do hope i get to go again soon, I want to go to other cities.
        Try books from the library or online resources :).

      • I know that wasn’t nice; although I respect his passion for wanting to keep his language “perfect”. I know I’ll never be at that level but the Parisians are glad when you try to speak French. I had a wonderful time conversing with the shop keepers and locals with my entry-level French.

        I’ve been fortunate that Oster’s French teacher has been helping me with my accent. At first he was very polite about it (letting me say it the way I’ve always done) but now he’s treating me like his student and expects me to master the syllables. I am very grateful for that. However, I’m still having problems saying the word for “purple”. I just can’t quite get it out right.

  2. My French co-worker just told me about a Bastille festival happening just a few blocks away from me and I might check it out! I have never been to France but am so intrigued by everything about it. It’s definitely one of my wish-I-could-go-to countries!

    • Hope you got a chance to check out the Bastille festivities! France is such a fascinating place to visit, no matter where you choose to go.

      I do hope you get a chance to make it there one day. Having a wish-I-could-go-to list is such a great idea! I think I’ll start one too. Is it so wrong if France is first on my list?

    • Thank you! Angelina was on my to-do-list for the sole reason of their Mont Blanc et du chocolat chaud. I was NOT disappointed.

      So jealous you just got back. I’m sure you had the most amazing trip!

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