I Like Vegetables – Book Review

Carrots, peas, corn, and pumpkin are the veggies highlighted in Lorena Siminovich’s board book.

I Like Vegetables teaches toddlers about colors, counting, opposites, shapes and textures. Each veggie is illustrated on two pages, allowing for your little one to focus on the produce at hand.

The objects are drawn in different angles and sizes. You see peas in their shell and out of their shell. You see two whole pumpkins and one sliced open. There are many shapes that can be identified, both on the veggies and in the background artwork.

The book closes with an empty picnic basket on one page and a full one (of vegetables, of course) on the other. Although a quick read you could spend a good amount of time on all that this book has to offer.

Weekly Wednesday Book Review: Romeo & Juliet

This counting primer introduces your little one to the world of Shakespeare. The book begins with Juliet standing out on her balcony and the number 1.

Love letters, roses, and kisses are all used to help your little one count as he/she turns the pages.  A couple of the infamous phrases are used in this book (“That which we call a rose”, and “Parting is such sweet sorrow”).

There are mixed reviews on this book due to the nature of what happens to the teenagers in Shakespeare’s original classic.  Believe me when I tell you this counting primer does not go into any gory details about the couple. The only story you find here is one of numbers and love.

The book’s colors pop and really draw your attention to the actual numbers (on the left side) and the artwork (on the right side). The images are large enough for your little one to point to and count from.

Oster’s favorite part of the book is the end. The last page is the number ten and there are ten hearts with birds in them. I always say, “10 kisses,” and kiss him 10 times as fast as I can. There are times when he just wants to read the last page of the book over and over again and that’s A-OK with me!

Weekly Wednesday Book Review: Curious George Baby Counting

This week’s review is for Baby Counting, a PBS publication that introduces your little one to numbers and Curious George.

What I really like about this sturdy board book is that your infant can really be engaged while reading it.  On the left side of the book, the number is written out (along with a whimsical story about farm fun); on the right side of the book, the number is shown; and at the top of the book, an abacus is attached.

We’ve been using this book since Oster has been a month old.  We trace the numbers with our fingers, point to the actual word for the number, and use the abacus as we count.  It’s really a tactile experience.  He’s now at a stage where he shouts at the numbers and touches them to mimic our tracing.