Hey, Migraine, what gives?

Seriously? A four-day-migraine! I can’t tell you how wonderful I feel now that it’s finally over. I’m not sure if any of you suffer from this horrific pain but it definitely sucks.

I’ve had them throughout my life; although, they became more prominent in college. Turning off lights and closing my eyes do not work; that actually makes me nauseated.

I had a great pregnancy with no migraines or morning sickness. Right after Oster was born, the migraines kicked into high gear and the only place you could find me was hugging the toilet.

Thankfully Dancing with the Commode wasn’t part of the agenda for this 4-day marathon.  Instead, I was graced with blotchy cold sores popping up under my nose.

I’ve had scans on my brain to check for tumors: none, thankfully

I’ve had drugs prescribed to me before Oster:  they sometimes worked

I try over-the-counter drugs to help relieve pain: they sometimes work

I have to make an appointment to see a specialist: this is getting out of hand. I seriously can’t function for the first day when these hit.

After a couple of days, it’s easier to handle because it feels like the pain is never going to go away and I just have to deal with it.

Home remedies I use to help me tolerate or get rid of a migraine:

Double shot of espresso

Keep active (my head [and stomach] always feels better if my body is in motion)

Stay away from any foods with sugar

Put peppermint oil on temples (my forehead turns a nice shade of green)

Eat bland foods

Stay hydrated

No reading, no watching TV and no computer (extremely hard to follow this one)

Agenda for this afternoon: Call that specialist and get in to see her!


Photo from: Glamcheck