Summer Hot Rods

Oster is obsessed with vehicles…trucks, cars, vans…so we thought taking him to a car show would be something he would absolutely love.

We went this weekend. Shiny cars lined the streets.  Owners were talking with onlookers and sharing every ounce of knowledge they had about their cars.  It was the perfect scene to walk into.

The minute we “pulled up” to the show, Oster looked in every direction but where the cars were.  He was mesmerized by all of the people. He waved to them, pointed at random dogs, and watched the street traffic. I don’t think he paid attention to one muscle car!

Not to worry. Mom and Dad had a fantastic time! We’re looking forward to taking him to the next show; however, I’ll have to spruce up his car a bit before we go.



At the Park

Okay, so it’s 78 degrees in the middle of March and I’m at the park.  In Chicago.  The temperature has been this way for the past week and I’ve totally taken advantage of the sun.

Oster has been going to the park this whole week and enjoying the fun that goes along with it.  He has inspected each piece of grass around him, went down the slide (with me) for the first time, and lounged in the swing that now has his name on it.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and there will be no need to wear layers.  It’s shorts and t-shirt, baby!  This is going to be the best St. Patty’s Day EVER!